Product Overview

RedundancyMaster increases the reliability and availability of your OPC data by allowing multiple OPC servers to be configured into redundant pairs. Each redundant pair seamlessly appears as a single OPC server to any OPC client application. RedundancyMaster can be added to an existing client/server application without any reconfiguration of the application, keeping your processes going without any downtime.

  1. Industrial Strength Reliability
  2. Increased ROI and Reduced Downtime
  3. Ease of Use

Product Features

Explore the features that will change how you think about OPC redundancy. The innovations in RedundancyMaster can work together seamlessly with your current OPC application to give you a more reliable, cost-effective solution.

  1. Primary/Secondary Machine Names
  2. Connection Mode
  3. OPC Server Aliasing
  4. Always Connect to Primary Machine Upon Availability
  5. Query Server Status Interval
  6. Query Server Status Timeout
  7. Monitoring Settings
  8. Diagnostics Settings
  9. Notifications Settings

Use Case Scenarios

  1. Mitigating Object-Based and Link-Based Failures
  2. Two OPC Servers Paired with RedundancyMaster
  3. Local Machine Redundancy
  4. Multiple OPC Server Pair Redundancy

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